Assembling Your Energy Top

Starting soon, you may notice your Energy Top arrives in a smaller, more efficient box. Here is how it will look when you unpack it, and how to assemble it as quickly and easily as possible.

Start by sliding your ET out with the lid on the bottom.

Remove the bag of threaded rods and acorn nuts and set them aside.

Separate the ET into two halves, the lid/screen and the base with the attached hardware kit. The cable is pre-installed like the image below.

Thread the rods into the base.

Open the screen and drop it onto the base, making sure all of the threaded rods are to the inside and the screen itself is resting along the base.

Place the lid so that the threaded rods are through the holes. If you have a square ET, the holes still only line up one way. Try your lid in the other orientation if it appears the holes don’t line up!

Thread the acorn nuts onto the rods. Make sure to finish assembly by tightening them with a tool.

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