Become a Customer

To create an account with Chim-Flex:

  1. Complete our credit application. You can get a copy by clicking this link. Please take your time and fill it out as accurately as possible.
  2. E-mail ( your finished application to Chim-Flex.
  3. You will be contacted upon your approval.

If you are outside of Canada, discussing shipping / logistics costs will be required.

If you have any questions about our form or the process in general, please contact us.

Why choose Chim-Flex?

Superlative products built in-house.
We engineer and manufacture our products at Chim-Flex. They’re designed from the installer’s perspective to be as durable and straightforward to use as possible. Our website is a great place to get a look at them.

An adaptable sheet metal shop.
Custom fittings and adapters are possible, and so are more unique and unusual builds.

Short turnaround times.
We keep the vast majority of our standard products in stock and ready to ship. Most custom work takes us days — not weeks — to get into your hands.

Maximal material efficiency.
Chim-Flex charges by the foot for liners, and they can be ordered to any length at no additional cost. You can also order up to 100’, ideal for cutting as needed over multiple jobs.

A range of elbow adapters.
We stock 45° and 90° elbows in many sizes, and additionally offer a 30° elbow in 6”. We also make a Deluxe 45° Elbow for when clearance is an issue.

Knowledgeable staff.
We don’t just supply you with parts. We have decades worth of installation and manufacturing knowledge that will save you time, money and headaches on the job too.

Order what you need, leave the rest.
You will never get a pre-assembled kit with components you don’t need from Chim-Flex.